Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Fashion Angels has established itself as the preeminent craft and lifestyle brand for tweens ages 6 to 14, empowering young women to unleash their creative potential.

We offer innovative fashion-forward products and experiences – spanning arts & crafts, stationery, beauty, entrepreneurship, fashion accessories and lifestyle products – that encourage girls to explore and express their individuality while building their confidence.

our mission

As a female-founded company, our mission is to lift up girls around the world with products and experiences that provide girls with the tools and inspiration to unlock their creativity and confidence, without boundaries.

Fashion Angels believes. . .

. . . that girls are meant to “make it!”

. . . that girls are inherently creative, caring and capable of achieving their goals and dreams.. . . that the first step to becoming who you want to be is through self -discovery and creative development.. . . that, once a girl makes something, she can apply that confidence and to make anything a reality!


Fashion Angels:  Craft Your Own Wings